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The popular off-roading simulation now at your fingertips

Following the great success that MudRunner imprinted in PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 since its launch way back in 2017, Focus Home Interactive finally comes up with its mobile version that can be played in Android and iOS devices. MudRunner Mobile comes with the game’s revamped user interface that's been designed with touchscreen play in mind while still keeping its heavy physics, immersive presentation, and solid simulation elements.

Offers the greatest off-road driving experience

For those who still aren’t familiar with the game, MudRunner is a sequel to Spintires—an off-roading simulation video game created by UK-based developer Oovee Games—which enables the players to take full control of the off-road vehicles as they pass through various locations to complete objectives. It has sold over a million copies proving the game’s performance and quality offered are loved by many.

With this mobile port of the game, you’ll be able to drive and explore around the 15 open-world maps. However, unlike with its other device version that provides 19 vehicles for PC and 30 vehicles for Nintendo Switch, you can only use about 16 vehicles here. Even so, it can still provide a superb off-road experience for you as each of them has its own characteristics and attachable equipment

Its immersive environments are divided into six sandbox maps and nine challenge maps. You are free to choose which path you would like to go down and take the test—terrain, rivers, forests, swamps, mountains, etc. Expect to encounter tons of dangerous conditions such as muddy terrain and raging rivers while you’re on your way to achieve your objective and complete your deliveries.

Excellent off-road simulation game

The anticipation for MudRunner Mobile is very high, especially with the outstanding performance it showed with its version in other devices. By far, with what it showcases, it can be said that this mobile port lived up to every fan’s expectation. It provides an off-road game experience with refurbished UI fit for mobile-use while still maintaining its intense simulation elements and realistic game physics. 


  • Revamped user interface designed for mobile
  • Solid simulation elements
  • Realistic game physics
  • Immersive off-road environments


  • Less driving vehicles to use compared to what’s offered in other devices

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MudRunner Mobile


MudRunner Mobile 1.0 for iPhone

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